The Washington DC based pedophile ring meme known as Pizzagate is an outreach program of the Black Lodge run by the Brothers of the Left hand Path known as "The Lords of Unbridled Lust". Their eternal enemies are known as the Brothers of the Right Hand path known as "The Serpents of Wisdom" or Ascended Masters.

The prime symbol of the Illuminati is the double headed eagle. This represents the path to the higher evolution begins with the choice of the Left or Right hand path you must choose one to proceed. The secrets of Temple construction using ley lines are hidden within the Masonic tradition. The energy of the ley line is neutral and can be used for good or evil dependent on the ceremonies that are carried out at the node points. This knowledge was used by the American founding fathers the Gnostic Branch of the Illuminatti and their enemies the Jesuit Illuminatti.

The black and white Lodges they are the drivers of human history forever scheming in the Illuminati game of Planetary Chess from Chess pieces they create from the minds of men. The Brothers of the Left Hand path wish to enslave humankind and keep them in eternal darkness, vampires of the human life force, they seek to live forever in their coats of meat energy.

The Brothers of the Right Hand path work to release humankind from all bondage that mankind may know it's true spiritual nature. All pioneers of men that seek to benefit their fellow kind through advances in Politics, Religion, the Arts and Sciences owe their inspiration and drive to these Avatars that sacrifice themselves by putting off their ascension to the higher planes to focus their attention in planes of space and time to inspire humankind.

Evil is a quality of Spacetime and can never be entirely defeated. It exists for the duration of the Cosmic heat beat known as the big bang. It exists most strongly in the past arrow of time as banal tradition. Although it can never be defeated it can be dialed back just like a light dimmer switch can be turned to increase current flow and allows the light to triumph over the darkness. Evil is the analogue of resistance in an electrical system and inertia in a mechanical one.

The rules of the chess game are enforced by another level of being known as the Buddha's of Karma Chaired by the Planetary Logos who wields the Rod of Initiation that focuses a Form destroying energy that destroys any form that infringes the free will of the subject. The black and white lodges can only advance into manifestation in human affairs as far as the human race desires the fruits of each lodges work. The black and white checked floor observed in all Masonic Lodges is a symbol of this Grand Game of Life and Death.

All disciples to both lodges undergo the same first two initiations of the Threshold these are symbolized in Masonic initiations but are actualised by near death crises within the life of the aspirant struggling to set his will against his life direction. They are known as "The Birth" and "The Baptism" each unlocks the energy of a chakra which finds its correspondence within the two lowest glands of the endocrine system within the physical body the adrenals and the gonads.

After the second initiation the Left and Right hand path choice is consciously made. Inducements of worldly wealth and power are offered by the Black Lodge. Peace of mind that passes all understanding is the only inducement offered by the Great White Lodge. The white is not a racial term but a symbol of the rainbow of color that emanates from white light. Each color energies one field of human endeavor known as the seven rays.