This is the new Kabbalistic tree of life with the fallen sephiroth Malkuth moved into the Daath position of knowledge corresponding to the planet Earth at position 4. The sphinx represents Leo-Aquarius vibrating on the highest and lowest of the seven planes. It guards the entrance turning away the fearfull ones who are not ready to recieve the power that the full comprehension of this symbolic system applied to all living systems provides.

Entering the study of this system is like wandering into a darkened wharehouse filled with drums of fuel and flammable powders holding the lightened candle of the concrete mind. You must put out the candle before entering and utilise the cold clear light of the intuition.

The Kabbala is an ancient system of thought that teaches that God creates using a fractal design that repeats on ever increasing scales from the quantum level to the universal. The sephiroth link spirit and matter bringing order from chaos. The Tree of Life is the symbol of Jacob;s ladder in which angels were seen ascending and descending as they go about their missions fulfilling the will of the logos animating all.

The diagram above is basically a circuit diagram indicating how the life force or prana flows from spirit to matter and back again. Our DNA functions like aerials tuning into to this life force. The overlay of the ten sephiroth is with the planets and so is a representaion of the fractal set of this solar system. The planets are numbered one to ten using the Bode system. The planet missing in the asteroid belt is denominated by the largest planetoid in the asteroid belt Ceres at position 6.

This diagram will make sense to those astrolgers who have struggled to reconcile the kabalistic model and the astrological. This diagram also reconciles the Numerology of the three-seven-ten-twelve that make up the 32 paths of energy flow described in the Sepher-Yetzirah.

The seven horizontal lines represent the seven cosmic planes, the seven laws of described in the Kybalion a commentary of Hermetic teachings. The sephiroth are called the spheres created out of nothing and establish a dimension or principle in the universal mind scape.

They bind most strongly to the concept of the astrological planets. The solar system is the macrocosmic principle of the microcosmic atom. The atom with atomic number of 10 is the halogen gas Neon a beautiful symbol for meditation and illumination.

Table of the Seven
Numbers Colours Rays Chakras Endocrine Gland Hermitic Laws Cosmic Planes
1 Indigo Irresistible Force Brahmarundra Pineal The Principle of Vibration Logoic
2 Blue Love Wisdom Ajna Pituitary The Principle of Polarity Monadic
3 Green Creative Intelligence Throat Thyroid The Principle of Correspondence Atmic
4 Yellow Harmony through Conflict Heart Thymus The Principle of Cause and Effect Intuitional
5 Orange Concrete Science Solar Plexus Adrenal The Principle of Mind Mental
6 Red Devotion Sacral Pancreas The Principle of Rhythmn Emotional
7 Violet Ceremonial Order Kundalini Gonads The Principle of Gender Physical

Table of the Ten
No. Planet Sephiroth Name Sephiroth Meaning Archangel Archangel Title Angel Choir Choir Meaning
1 Sun Kether Crown Metatron Angel of the Prescence Chioth Ha Quadesh Holy Living Creatures
2 Mercury Chochma Wisdom Ratziel Delight of God Auphanim Whirling Forces
3 Venus Binah Understanding Tzaqhqiel Contemplation of God Aralim Strong and Mighty Ones
4 Earth Daath Knowlege Sandalphon Knowledge of God Ishim Ascended Souls
5 Mars Geburah Judgment Michael Severity of God Seraphim Flaming Ones
6 Ceres/Moon Chesed Mercy Raphael Healing Power of God Malachim Powers
7 Jupiter Tiphereth Beauty Tzadkiel Justice of God Chasmalim Brilliant Ones
8 Saturn Netzirah Firmness Haniel Grace of God Pan Elohim Principalities
9 Uranus Hod Majesty Gabriel Strength of God Cherubim Interceders
10 Neptune Yesod Foundation Kamael Protector of the Path Beni Elohim Sons of God