The Teaching

The image above is the beautiful mandala known as the E8 symmetry. It is a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of physics each point of light represents an elementary particle and operates at the quantum level of existence the strings joining the points are the strings of string theory, a modern school of sub-atomic physics created from the simple concept that all the properties of atomic particles can be constructed from the simple equation of a vibrating string.

A string however that vibrates in 9 spatial and 1 time dimensions. Six of the spatial dimensions are curled up within Planck hyperspace known as the Calabi-Yau manifold and are not directly observable.

It is the smallest cell of space time the pixel upon which flashes the world as we perceive it, lean forward and stare at your computer screen until you can see the individual pixels.

It is the quantum equivalent of that pixel and behaves in a similar way, allowing particles to come in to existence for a period of time to create the world as we experience it.

It is incomprehensibly small it fills the Planck sphere. Visualize a sphere with the radius 1.61624E-35 metres a decimal fraction with 35 zeroes after the decimal point. If you blew up an atom to the size of the galaxy a Planck sphere would be as big as a tree!

Energy travels from sphere to sphere at the speed of light but within the sphere is a seething singularity hyper space of energy where all the forces of physics combine into one all attractive force where all the laws of physic break down. Unlimited energy, time travel and faster than light travel await us. The Hindus teaching call this energy Brahman and if you could be seen it would be a blinding sea of white light but to our eyes appears as the indigo black of space.

The vibration that tames this maelstrom of energy is a vibration called the Planck Frequency or what the teaching calls the name of god. It’s frequency is also incomprehensibly fast 2.95E+42 cycles per second that’s a decimal fraction with 42 decimal places after it. The age of the universe in seconds is 4.32043E+17 a decimal fraction with 17 decimal places in it. If we visualize one Planck cycle as one second all time physics has measured to date would be repeated again 6.83E+24 times.

Now we can start to appreciate eternity, infinity and the omnipotence that is God. We are the same as him in quality not quantity it is our mission in life to realise it beyond all doubt, manifest it in our life by finding our crown and placing it upon our heads in full power. He has nothing to gain from this creation he is by definition all complete, omnificent, omnipotent. He creates out of compassion to give a chance for sentient life to share in the awesome beauty that is the absolute truth.

He cannot be insulted, offended sinned against for he is the source of that consciousness that is fighting it’s way from unconsciousness to super-consciousness. He creates the universe in a simple fractal form that is scaled up from the calabi-manifold, sub-atomic particles, atoms, cells, organs, organisms, species, planets, solar systems, star groups, constellations, galaxies super clusters to his body the universe itself.

You do not need a priest, a guru, to have a relationship with this being he is the force of life that beats your heart and is returning to full super-consciousness again. Claim it by calling his name a name that symbols the triple quality of consciousness. The name vibrates to the female electronic Goddess, the hermaphroditic Neutron Child and the male proton God. These energies are arranged like an atom the outer sphere is the sphere of the electrons, the next layer is the neutron surrounding the inner proton.

The name is composed of three vowels which for the ancient consonant based languages such as Sumerian, Egyptian, Hebraic, Sanskrit it could only be symbolised.

The three lettered name is IAO and is the emanation from the male I the child A and the female O. The vowels can be inserted into the Hebraic Tetragrammaton consonants JHVH to form JAHOVIH. The full ten lettered name that spans the highest to the lowest creation is IAO JAHOVIH. The name IAO is not new it has been known as the God of the Phoenicians.

The entry in the theosophical glossary reads as follows:

Iao (Gr). See Iaho. The highest God of the Phoenicians – “the light only conceivable by the intellect”, the physical and spiritual Principle of all things, “the male Essence of Wisdom”. It is the ideal Sunlight.

This name balances the three energies of the male-androgynous-female energies of creation. The Electron-Photon-Positron of the standard model of Nuclear Physics.

The false teaching that is too sacred too intone, reserved only for the high priest has meant this word has become lost. Claim it, it is yours to use in prayer and meditation. It is the masonic lost word for which the master mason is slain. It has been used by the followers of the left hand path to control all economic power on this planet.

In terms of Raja Yoga the intoning of the name is a methodology to harmonize your intention with the cosmic life force that gives mass to particles and life to all. Visualize the triple thread of energy linking the Pituitary centre (Ajna Chakra Centre of Personality) the Pineal Gland root of the Brahmarundra Chakra (Centre of the Soul) with the jewel or flame hanging just above the open lotus of the Brahmarundra Chakra the (Centre of the Spirit) the site of God immanent. Your crowning glory.

Rotate the Rose, Gold and Sapphire thread of triple energy around these three points in deep mediation. Intoning each syllable at each point. Until at a certain rhythm the triple purifying energy emanating from God transcendent originating at the gravitational centre of the universe or point of the big bang in modern cosmology and ripping down through the hierarchy from the one of the seven ray centres to centre of the Galaxy through the star systems through Sirius through our Sun to the centre of the planet and up.

Man in this world is hanging upside down in relation to God transcendent the rising Shekinah energy entering the etheric energy body at the Kundalini Chakra then up through all the 7 body chakras into the final two spherical bowls protecting and surrounding the monadic spark. This fiery energy burns away all etheric  blockages and heals all leakage preventing the manifestation of the Godhead.

The actual position of the Kundalini centre has been a secret revealed only to iniates. It is exactly over the vagina in a woman and the peritoneal cavity in man from where his testes descend at birth. The veiled tantric myth of the Adam and Eve is the symbolic knowledge of good and evil through which man must comprehend to claim his destiny.The name is hidden in the phrase El Jah from the Sepher Yetzirah of the Jews or Allah from the Koran of the Muslims  and the anagram of the Christian Book of Revelation "Iam Alpha and Omgega" 

They all worship an artificial God known in the Gnostic teachings as Abraxas-Ialdaboath a patriarchal based relegion that denies the Goddess and persecutes the feminine of the planet and is responsible for all misery in the world caused by the dangerous false doctrine of "The Chosen People" or Master race that gives it's followers the right to slaughter all Goyim, Heretic Non Believers and  Infidel's.

Specific mantras and charts for visualisations will form the advanced part of these teachings.