Icosa Strike Package 1

Angels Wrap Their Wings Around Them (AWTWAT)

Number First Name Second Name Last Name AKA
1 Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pope Francis
2 Arturo Marceline Abasca Black Pope
3 Evelyn Robert Rothschild
4 Lynn Forester Rothschild
5 Jay Davison Rockefeller
6 George Herbet Bush
7 Dick Bruce Cheney Big Dick
8 Phillip Mountbatten Prince Phillip
9 Elizabeth Alexandra Windsor Queen Elizabeth 2
10 Donald Franciszek Tusk President European Council
11 Charles Ellis Schumer Chuck Schumer
12 Edmund Gerald Brown Governor Browntowns
13 Barack Hussein Obama Renegade
14 Hillary Rodham Clinton Lock-Her-Up
15 William Jefferson Clinton Slick Willy
16 John Owen Brennan
17 Dianne Emiel Fienstein
18 Debbie Wasserman Schultz
19 Adam Bennet Schiff
20 Paul Davis Ryan Eddie Munster

Icosa Strike Package 2

Angels Hold Their Swords Against Them(AHTSAT)

Number First Name Second Name Last Name AKA
1 Benjamin Netanyahu Bibi
2 Jens Weidmann Chairman Bank of International Settlements
3 Janet Louise Yellen Chairman US Reserve Bank
4 Giacomo Dalla Tempio di Sanguinetto Grand Master Knights of Malta
5 Ludwig Hoffman von Rumerstein Commander Knights of Malta
6 Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager Grand Chancellor Knights of Malta
7 Dominique Rochefoucauld-Montbel Grand Hospitaller Knights of Malta
8 János Esterházy de Galántha Receiver of the Common Treasure Knights of Malta
9 Fabio Panetta Rome Board Bember BIS
10 Ignazio Visco Rome Board Bember BIS
11 Jan Smets Brussels Board Bember BIS
12 Pierre Wunsch Brussels Board Bember BIS
13 Thomas Jordan Zuric Board Bember BIS
14 Mark Carney London Board Bember BIS
15 Jon Cunliffe London Board Bember BIS
16 Jerome Powell Washington Board Bember BIS
17 François Villeroy Galhau Paris Board Bember BIS
18 Yi Gang Beijing Board Bember BIS
19 Haruhiko Kuroda Tokyo Board Bember BIS
20 Alejandro Díaz de León Mexico Board Bember BIS

Icosa Strike Package 3

Angels Pour Their Water Upon Them (APTWUT)

Number First Name Second Name Last Name AKA
1 John Williams New York Board Bember BIS
2 Andreas Dombret Frankfurt am Main Board Bember BIS
3 Mario Draghi Frankfurt am Main Board Bember BIS
4 Ilan Goldfajn Brasília Board Bember BIS
5 Stefan Ingves Stockholm Board Bember BIS
6 Klaas Knot Amsterdam Board Bember BIS
7 Urjit R Patel Mumbai Board Bember BIS
8 Stephen S Poloz Ottawa Board Bember BIS
9 Justin Pierre Trudeau Prime Minister Canada
10 Emmanuel Jean-Michel Macron President France
11 Édouard Charles Philippe Prime Minister France
12 Theresa Mary May Prime Minister Great Britain
13 Jeremy Bernard Corbyn Leader of the Opposition Great Britain
14 Sadiq Khan Lord Mayor of London
15 Boris Johnson MP United Kingdom
16 William Henry Gates Founder Microsoft
17 Arthur D Levinson Chairman Apple
18 Robert A Iger Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company
19 Alan Braverman Vice President and General Counsel of The Walt Disney Company.
20 Ben Aaron Shapiro Talking Head

Icosa Protection Package 3

Angels Hold Their Shields Upon Them (AHTSUT)

Number First Name Second Name Last Name AKA
1 Donald John Trump POTUS
2 Q Team WWGOWGA Zoo Keeper
3 Melania Trump USA First Lady
4 Ivanka Marie Trump POTUS Daughter
5 Donald John Jr. Trump POTUS Son
6 Eric Frederick Trump POTUS Son
7 Barron William Trump POTUS Son
8 Michael S. Rogers Director NSA
9 Joseph Dunford Chairman of the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff
10 Paul Miki Nakasone Commander United States Cyber Command
11 John F Kelly White House Chief of Staff
12 Kirstjen Michele Kirstjen Secretary of US Homeland Security
13 Brock Long Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency
14 Nikki Haley US Ambassador to the United Nations
15 Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Secretary
16 Jeff Sessions US Attorney General
17 Robert Neller Commandant of the US Marine Corps
18 John Michael Richardson Chief of US Naval Operations
19 Mark A Milley Chief of Staff of the US Army
20 Daniel A Dailey Sergeant Major of the US Army