919 Event thwarted

September 20, 2018
The plant is stable after the POTUS visit to the area

Disclosure has began with Unacknowledged Space projects admitted by Q.

On an inner energy level:

A state of flux will remain until after the next full moon.

We the custodians of the energy of the Common People can claim independent faction status with GF.

That's all I can say as the event is still underway.

LARP, you be the judge.

Love to All the Unloved.

Shayne Murray


Change of Direction

June 3, 2016
I decided to put my shoulder to the wheel and re-engage in the economic activity of the world with a dual project at and These are my three main interests Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and Quantum Computers.

There is a major break through coming hang it's a quantum jump one day it will be the same and the next day we will all instantly realize our connection to one another and the animals plants and minerals of this spec of sand in the star fields of this Galaxy we are g...
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Lightworkers Profile Activated

June 7, 2011
A Light Workers profile page and blog has been setup to extend the indigowiz web presence.
The link is in "Links We Love"
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Website Published

May 7, 2011
This website as the quickest method of getting the teaching out to the mission specialists now facilitating the ascension of the solar system.

Time is being wound up as we approach the final phase of the Mayan Calendar.

It is an outreach program of the The Indigo Ray Lodge as part of the externalisation of the Hierachy of Ascended Masters our elder brothers and sisters returning amongst us again as in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.
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