indigowiz is dedicated to explaining the new age teaching known as Palitheism which is a belief in a living beneficent intelligent vibration animating the Universe.

This animating intelligence is revealed in dual aspects immanent and transcendent.

Immanent is within self conscious beings and is the driving force within the human historical process.

Transcendent is beyond the material creation existing at the Gravitational Centre of the Universe providing the quantum space time stage on which the Universal drama unfolds.

This immanent-transcendent polarity is reflected in the universe as Yin-Yang, Male-Female, mother-father, Positive-Negative, North-South, Plus-Minus, Real-Imaginary Numbers, Spirit-Matter, Good-Evil etc.

The unifying statement is the Hermetic Axiom “All is Vibration” this vibration has a signature known as the name of God. This name is revealed in this teaching.

This all encompassing vibration supports creation as quality by overlapping harmonics providing the illusion or maya of this world.

The fractal mathematical function that generates the above Mandelbrot pattern is an analogue to the the Hermtic Law of Correspondence "As Above So Below". God creates using a simple pattern known that repeats from the quantum scale through the atom, the cell, the planet, the solar system, constellations, galaxial and upward to the universal. The Kabalists call this pattern the Tree of Life. This teaching will expand this concept.