Interview with the Dark Chohan Mephistopheles

Q. Why do you come to me now?

A. I have need to reassure my inner lodge chelas, now that you have rejected the Makara's offer.

Q. By whose authority do you operate?

A. I Mephistopheles the Hierophant of Earth's externalised Dark Satanic Lodge (DSL) operate on the Cosmic Law of Creation. Evil is eternal and can never be defeated only reduced. It smears time across the physical universe otherwise the creation would end as soon as it started and nothing would be known. It is Inertia in a mechanical system, Noise in an information system ,Resistance in a Electrical System and Internal direction of compassion in the mind of man. (INRI). I nailed it to his cross avoiding the acid of his blood.

Q . How can your external lodges and covens escape law enforcement from the angelic realms now that humanity has awakened to your machinations?

A. Our mother lodge uses human fetus blood from legally obtained cadavers from Hospitals and Abortion clinics for our ceremonials. Our legal document trail is complete. We do not imbibe the psycho trope Adrenochrome and we advised all lower lodges that ingesting this energy will result in terminal insanity. Therefore our Kabbalistic masters will never see a day in any temporal or inter-dimensional court or their identities revealed. The lower lodge major Arcana Fools however will experience the pure fear of the master Satanic energy in their coming mass initiation. The lower lodges will burn as darkness retreats to a new state of equilibrium, dwellers on the threshold all.

Q. Why do you consider humanity your farm animals?

A. The "Blinded Lives" or "Baskets of Nourishment" as humanity is known on the masters inner planes need to awaken as time proceeds. We gain fresh blood just as our enemy the Light Lodge does, so it is a win-win situation. War is the great awaken-er the great purifier the Hermetic transformation of coal to jewel.

Q. Who were your greatest servants in history?

A. We have many, however without doubt the initiator of the age of Horus the Master Therion AKA Aleister Crowley is the black jewel in our tiara. We watch the Light Lodge activities and act against their disclosure. When their disciple Helena Blavatsky released the Stanzas of Dyzan in her tome "The Secret Doctrine" the galactic symbol of the Swastika the Aryan master race, the theoretical teaching of DNA based Racism, as well as The Masonic lost word the three lettered vowel name of God was made available for magical workings to the occultists, a light like the Sun that grows flowers and weeds alike. MT saw the pattern and drew the Hexagram for his Sex Magic workings. Thus WW1 followed by WW2 and humanities collective cup of misery was held high above our heads. I am not obliged to name our current champion, as the game to start WW3 is still in play you'll have to look to your media to find. Too bad so sad.

Q. What book is the best example of your philosophy.

A. For psychological setup candidates should read MT's "Book of the Law" its mantra, " Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, Love is the law, Love under Will." It catches all the insects both light and dark in its web.

Q. What is the Satanic Energy?

A. It is the Great Nothing, the Hiss of Deep Space, the Howling Darkness of Chaos it has no symbol but reverses all symbols. Odin hanging upside down crucified on the Tree of Life, to win the Runes a heroic symbol for some but when the crucifix is reversed a sign post to our covens.

Q. I am having trouble maintaining the communication due the headache from the chaotic chain saw energy of your Satanic presence, any final words.

A. May the servants of the Light Lodge do your worst for we will certainly be doing ours. We will never give in, we will never give up and we will hail you at the final dissolution of the space time Universe " Hail Good Fellow" . Go in Fear.