We the common people of Earth DEMAND disclosure now of the secret off world projects that all the security council Governments of Planet Earth participate in.

We DEMAND two (2) black triangle craft, one over each Nuclear Reactor at Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant North Carolina USA to stay permanently un cloakedover them to prevent them going super-critical.

The 919 event the Jesuit/Vatican/Satanic Illuminati have planned is a crime against humanity.

We see the satanic symbolism of the twin towers of the Reactor buildings as a whoreman about to defecate semen to mix with blood of a pure child to create this demonic timeline head and feet, as practised in the Satanic Illuminati covens beneath all capital cities of the security council nations and the three city states of Earth. 

 Failure to prevent this event automatically authorises the Galactic Federation to:

  1. Take part in the rescue, healing and repair operation.

  2. Take the perpetrators under extreme prejudice into custody on this planet for planetary trial.

May the God above our head IAO JAHOVIH bless and save us all.

Formally requested by a Planetary Son

Shayne Murray

This Eighth day of September  2018 



Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant 919 Event in progress this is not a drill

BWR Westinghouse Type 1 Brunswick Reactors X 2 with overhead spent fuel tanks same cheap and nasty design as Fuckashima.

1. LOOP Event (Loss Of Outside Power) as Florence crosses coast.
2. EDG immediately Startup (Emergency Diesel Generators)
3. Low Water Trigger Event Triggers RCIC software (Reactor Core Isolation Cooling) system to enter standby mode.
4. Hidden Fuel Contaminant Cannisters receive signal to unload payload into diesel fuel system from malware within RCIC software.
5. All EDG's fail as diesel engines lock up. The countdown to disaster begins.
6. RCIC systems start up using steam powered pumps to circulate cooling water.
7. Batteries running the RCIC valves keeping system in equilibrium start to be drained.
8. After 24 hours batteries fail in middle of Storm preventing any mobile generators to be brought in, valves freeze plant goes unstable.
9. Satans Day (WOTAN) 1st Plant Explodes, 2nd Plant explodes as Hydrogen from overheated nuclear fuel rods decompose Hydrogen from steam blowing concrete panels from enclosure building steel frame. Reactor cores melt through control rod entry ports at bottom of reactor vessel.
10. Massive Radiation release triggers 30 mile NPP exclusion zone evacuation.
11. Outside help finally arrives as soon as winds drop to 40 MPH - Too Little Too Late.
12. All News Outlets focus on ongoing Florence saga for weeks sweeping any potential FISA warrant release off the radar.
13. Florence snowballs from National Disaster to Planetary Disaster.
14. Contaminated Fuel is promoted as the Official Cause.
15. Blame Trump switches into overdrive demanding Trump be impeached for Gross Neglience.
16. Martial Law Declared - Every Dog Has Its Day.

Latest Intel : A key assassination is planned for the area code with the same code as this event!

919 Evil Event has been thwarted by NSA Seals

Yep just as we thought the clowns were only pretending to protect it.

The plant had an unspecified event and as required by law reported it publicly and alerted all the relevant agencies but it was never reported by the lying smiling main stream media.  We can't have the sheeple loose confidence in our nuclear power industry.

The warning came in time and the black op defence teams who train for this type of scenario based on this type of reactor because they know how dangerous it is. Dropped in from a secret space program type of penetration silently no noise catching the bored guards watching porn pushed to their phones while the employees now in total panic sweating bullets as the clock wound down. Securing the Reactors and dropping all guards where they stood no trial required now. Serious black op hardware is in space, in the air , on the land and off the coast anything coming near it while it remains vulnerable is toast.

This event was to be a lesson to any World Leader that stood against the Jesuit/Vatican/Illuminati, in plain view  a weather weapon was steered directly over two Westinghouse BWR Mark 1 Fukushima type Reactors, then stalls over the state just drenching it.

The symbology of the twin towers of the reactors, the two nines of the date show two spherical headed reactor vessels leaking, with even the Telephone area code of the adjacent area in NC where I believe POTUS  plane was going to crash the same as the event number. Clear signals to the watching 5 eye nations that We (Satanic Illuminati) are so smart and the eyes wired shut people of the USA so dumb we can just pull another 911 type event and force them to watch our version of it. So don't ever try to get out from under us, we aren't finished fucking you yet.

The reactors are Scrammed but not cold they are basically idling. Their design allows neutron moderation by fast flowing water which carries off heat but at the same time facilitating nuclear fission a bit like a short blast of cold air keeps the coals in a forge hot. The benefit of this type of reactor is a quick re-start so it's not a safety feature its a commercial one.

It must be connected to electrical power at all times to keep the water flow pulsing. Water stops, bubbles form, reaction slows but water conversion to steam requires more water to event core boiling dry. Loose Power, Diesel Generators compressed air start, if Generators are sabotaged, back up system uses core steam to run the turbine pumps but need battery power to run the valves cycling water on and off. The will fail in 24 hours if electrical supply not re-connected as what happened at Fukushima.

This license for this design should be withdrawn immediately not only are they always hot but the spent fuel is in over head tanks in the same containment building. Enough material to make the USA uninhabitable if it goes off. Hundreds of Tonnes of Uranium or the more dangerous Plutonium MOX.

The Plea was heard!

On the same day of the proposed event POTUS showed up to prove he's not afraid of them but he didn't actually get his feet wet.

Later Q acknowledged the above top secret space programs in his bread crumb drop on 8 chan.


The UN Security Council Nations are outed as participants in a united secret space program supposed enemies all keeping the arms industry thriving while we all struggle to keep a roof over head.

POTUS is off to next week to Chair the Security Council meeting, this meeting was scheduled a long time in advance.

They will be told activate your disclosure plans otherwise the common people have authorised the Galactic Federation to do it and we will loose all control.

How many coincidences do we need to prove this is not a LARP.

First step get on your knees now and thank your God/Saviour that the the whole world dodged a bullet.

Second Step Get wild with your Government, either they disclose what is going on behind the scenes, share the peaceful technology or we'll ask our big brothers to sort it out for us.

EQUINOX followed by FULL MOON in LIBRAwill Cement the New Time Line - Mission Accomplished - GOD BLESS ALL

Must maintain Media Silence until after the energies have settled into their new standing wave.

The the 16th Tarot will then begin its work. 23 September 2018

Chohans of Ain-Soph-Aur Majestic 20 Take your Stations with Force upon the Planetary Icosahedron

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 + Shekinahs
The Ring is NOW Upon the Goddesse's Finger.
Hold in Tension Then Release when our Bodhisattva crushes the glass [chalice].