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<p>Cosmic Man in the Galactic Sea</p>

Cosmic Man in the Galactic Sea

Posted 302 weeks ago

Be Still and Know that I am Within

I am that I am that must be known.

Know that the Universe you live and move and have your being is my body created by me, the galaxies are the cells of my body that you may know me and love me as I know you and love you.

There is no sin, there is nothing you can do to offend me, I punish no-one, all paths lead to me.

Draw a sample of blood from your body and examine it under a microscope, you will see all manner of beauty and ugliness, the white cells killing invading cells, does that drama offend you?

My consciousness is as far removed from your present consciousness as yours is from the cells of your body.

I exist in a dimension of total perfection, of omniscience, of omnipotence that is total exhilaration, an ocean of bliss upon which storms of joy spontaneously arise and sweep my ascended ones living on my central paradise sun into ecstatic rapture.

I have nothing to gain from my creation, I already possess all perfection, my creation is an act of utter compassion.

My compassion enables you oh tiny spark to share in my perfection, for I am the source within of all genius in art and science.

To know me is to love me and the by product of my compassionate work is a harvest of living sparks that swells over eternity to become a living corps of ascended beings that attain final peace in paradise, my Central Spiritual Sun that is the axis of creation.

This place outside of the torus field of gravity space time, exists at the center of the torus and encapsulates it in my divine fiery energy field, you cannot fly there, there is no technology to attain it by force as a goldfish in a bowl cannot enter the lounge room and watch cable.

Your final reward is there and it can only be attained by dropping all the satanic sheaths that wrap the spark in limitation and error and resonate with my perfection.

Once they attain paradise they never have to return to the dark and oily galaxies that arise like amoeba from the slime of ponds.

My gravity space time body is the not self which I dominate as a perfect yogi dominates his body.

It is a matrix of string energy under extreme tension, it is the stationary harp upon which the atoms that comprise all bodies exist as a hum that moves across the strings.

Paradise resides at the centre of the matrix but is not part of it as a spider enthroned on a web.

The galaxies revolve and rotate through the matrix around paradise like a great and glorious symphony driven by my heart beat that bangs like a drum.

This gravity space time body is managed by non-human orders of intelligence that exist for a time upon the heart beat of a universal age your science teaches as the big bang, it arises and dissolves back to the humming matrix of energy it came from.

These devas are my angelic orders that manage my creation in my absence as high shoguns. Man is a mystery to them as they are to man. His divine spark ranks above them but some refuse to bend their knee and hand the stewardship of my creation over to him upon his awakening.

These are the archon systems, for evil has a role to play in these evolutionary worlds as resistance in an electrical circuit allows a incandescent bulb to shine, it exists to be eternally overcome by the voltage of my ascending sparks as soil is to a plant seed.

The devas await the coming of age of the young prince and princess to rule over the countless star systems in an eternal cycle of creation and dissolution that provides the stage upon which man my satanically clothed sparks play out their darkest and most illuminated roles of false ego begetting all manner of lust and cruelty as well as bravery and good works.

Believing they are the body, for the mind indeed is the slayer of the real for as a man thinks so he is.

These beings finally exhaust all desire in the pursuit of happiness and in the darkness of their contact with the not self void finally surrender to me, completely defeated lying dying on the cosmic battlefield of life at the end of an age.

They hear me at first as a beautiful but faint tune, they finally remember who they are and my magnificent arch angels lift them up in joy hosing them done in with the fire hose of my love blasting away the cloying mud of mind that separated them from me.

Such a battle is coming to this evolutionary world you now tread, as the being that enlivens this planet ascends to a higher vibration body, discarding its body as a pupae discards its husk to become a butterfly.

Some refusing to accept they are not this body will stay with the husk as it dissolves into the primary elements ready to be used as the raw material for another body in another cycle of creation in the far corner of this galaxy.

Some will be part of the new butterfly which more beautiful and harmonious then the previous form however it is still a body to journey on in their cosmic career as masters and the logoi of planets and suns.

A tiny fraction will take advantage of the opportunity provided at these solar initiations to return home to the font of unconscious but living sparks that left aeons ago.

It is for these few that my message is to.

Even an aeon sparkles briefly in the sky of eternity like a spark emitted from a fire.

You my irresistible spark when clothed in the eternal body of the diamond mind may then finally comprehend a fraction of my glory and know my embrace.

Posted 302 weeks ago