Image Courtesy of Davaron 2012.

Ascension is the process of transmutation of the matter of the 4D body of experience into a higher state of being encompassing higher dimensions of knowing. It is an initiation by a higher being which accelerates the disciple who has placed himself by will power on a path of unfoldment sparked by the mysterious energy within known as the spirit.

It takes place consciously unlike death which is an unconscious process.

All beings on the evolutionary path ascend man, planets, solar systems, constellations, galaxies, groups of galaxies on to the universes that make up the evolutionary arc of the multiverse. There are parts of the multiverse that are beyond the evolutionary process and exist in total perfection.

The ascension process proceeds slowly at first until a critical mass of ascended beings builds up at which point the process takes off exponentially.

At this point in time and space we are on the Planet Earth which is part of the Solar being known as Helios. Helios is undergoing a major initiation and in the process raising the vibration of the entire solar system.

When a solar system ascends it takes its physical body with it. This is all the satellites that make its physical bodies. The satellites have form on multiple planes and make up the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies of the solar logos.

Earth functions as the Solar Logos’s head or Brahmarundra chakra. Refer to the Tree of Life article diagram.

Fire is the symbol of this process as it burns away the material holding back the minimum percentage of atoms that are required to manifest the higher body. The lower vibrating atoms drop away to be recycled in another beings body. The higher atoms coalesce into the new body. The ascended being now has access to higher atoms dropped from the bodies of higher beings that are taking higher initiation s and ascending to even higher dimensions on the path back to the Godhead.

These beings are like children born with full consciousness growing and learning how to operate in this new dimension like children their power is limited but grows steadily as they mature and absorb more atoms growing in size.

Our Solar Logos Helios is on the path of Initiation which is an accelerated pilgrimage on the evolutionary path. He will be leaving the main sequence of the solar cycle and jumping to the sequence that leads to giant stars that only account for 0.4% of the Galactic population.
We as humans are the physical atoms of the solar logos consciousness we have reached the stage to where the minimum number of beings is awake to start the exponential explosion of consciousness that will usher in the final ignition of the physical bodies.

Your assignment as soon as you hear this is to fearlessly stand in the ascension energy and allow its radiance to transmute all aspects of your life. As the process unfolds in the next 18 months the Suns body will grow in radius 12 times its existing radius (halfway to Mercury) by which time our consciousness must transfer to the higher plane or dimension that will become accessible.

Before that happens major economic, military and Natural events will occur to energise humanities consciousness , they will occur in a slowly building rhythm until the limits of human endurance are encountered. This is the fiery process that will separate the atoms of consciousness onto their various paths. The paths are basically polar you will either ascend to the 5th dimension or higher or be dropped from the energy ring pass knot of the planet to await further opportunity within 4th dimension.

Where is this energy coming from? It is is coming from the Sun, and the Spiritual Sun which is your personal God spark sparkling in the fifth dimension above your head you must connect with it in mediation and prayer. Refer to the Adam Kosmon article Diagram.

This is the name of God vibration and its symbol is the Cardinal Cross. Its sound is IE-AY-OH the three lettered name of God one letter for each potentiality within the trinity that is the nature of the Godhead refelected in material creation as the Electron-Photon-Positron triad the building blocks of the Cosmos.