This is another view of the tree of life known as Adam Kosmon. This is a linear arrangement showing the sephiroth/planets/chakras/endocrine glands as they currently appear in space time.

Adam Kosmon is the macrocosm image of the microcosm Man. This overlay on the famous Leonardo Da Vinci Man drawing shows the ten planets/sepheroth of the solar system lined up with man's endocrine/chakra system.

It is an aid to meditation in order to visualize the tree of life as it applies to the energy centres of the body.

This image combines Kabbalistic, Hermetic, Vedic and Western philosophy in one concept.

The planets are numbered according to the Bode system. They are not drawn to the same scale as the Bode formulae.

Table of the Ten in Modern Terms
No. Planet Crystal Chakra Organ Initiation Dimension

Angular Frequency


1 Sun Gold Diamond Triple Crown Flame Cerebrum 10-1 Trinitization Spacetime + 9 = 13th 1.85E+43
2 Mercury Blue Diamond Double Crown Flame Cerebellem 9-2 Birth of Sun Spacetime + 8 = 12th 4.64E+42
3 Venus Pink Diamond Single Crown Flame Limbic 8-3 Marriage in Heaven Spacetime + 7 = 11th 2.65E+42
4 Earth Opal Brahmarundra Pineal 7-7 Coronation Spacetime + 6 = 10th 1.85E+42
5 Mars Sapphire Ajna Pituitary 6-5 Ascension Spacetime + 5 = 9th 1.16E+42
6 Ceres/Moon Emerald Throat Thyroid 5-6 Resurrection Spacetime + 4 = 8th 6.62E+41
7 Jupiter Citrine Heart Thymus 4-7 Crucification Spacetime + 3 = 7th 3.57E+41
8 Saturn Topaz Solar plexus Adrenal 3-8 Transfiguration Spacetime + 2 = 6th 1.85E+41
9 Uranus Ruby Sacral Pancreas 2-9 Baptism Spacetime + 1 = 5th 9.46E+40
10 Neptune Amethyst Kundalini Gonads 1-10 Birth Spacetime + 0 = 4th 4.78E+40